A NICEIFY Entrée is designed for messages that are 150 words or fewer. 


Your private, professional editor will check your writing for spelling, grammar, style, tone, and etiquette. We'll help you make even the toughest or highest-stake messages sound just right. 


Perfect for: 


  • Medium-length emails and messages
  • Asking for a letter of recommendation
  • Writing letters of recommendation
  • Introducing yourself to someone new 
  • Writing a letter of resignation
  • Thanking your coworkers or boss after leaving your job 
  • Sending letters of congratulations or sympathy
  • Applying to adopt a pet
  • Turning down a job offer (without burning bridges) 
  • Longer messages for cards, invitations, etc.
  • Writing to your local representative
  • Anything else! 


Your personal editor will be in touch within 24 hours. A portion of your order goes toward empowering underserved girls through writing. 

NICEIFY Entrée: 150 Words