A NICEIFY Snack is designed for your messages that are 50 words or fewer. 


Your private, professional editor will polish your writing for spelling, grammar, style, tone, and even tact and etiquette. We'll help you make even the toughest or highest-stake messages sound just right.


Perfect for: 


  • Short emails and messages (including "cold-call" emails)
  • Important social media posts 
  • Holiday cards
  • Declining a big invitation, interview, or anything else 
  • Saying no to a request tactfully 
  • Wedding invitations
  • Reaching out to someone who's been laid off
  • Thank you notes for bosses 
  • Writing a message for a flower bouquet delivery 
  • Leaving a polite (but direct) note for your noisy neighbor
  • Anything else! 

Your personal editor will be in touch within 24 hours. A portion of your order goes toward empowering underserved girls through writing. 

NICEIFY Snack: 50 Words